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Prayer of a Husband

O Lord, You who fashioned woman, not from the foot of man so to be ruled and lorded over, and also not from the head of man so to be ruled and be lorded by, but rather fashioned her from the side of Man so to walk with him, so too by your hand her coming was from close to his heart so that she was to be loved and adored by him, as such make of me a husband after your own heart and after this, your own design. Bestow on me the graces necessary that I may avoid the sins of Adam, and in turn lift up and love this woman that you have gifted to me.

Instill in me a virtuous gentleness, so to not be harsh by my words and actions. Instill in me a courageous and righteous strength, so to not be passive and be trampled underfoot, and thus controlled by the whims and snares of the Enemy and of the World. Instill in me a fear and love of the Lord, so that I may lead my household deeper into the fruits of your mysteries. Instill in me an ever contrite and humble heart, so that I am not bogged down by pride, and that I may serve as I ought with joy and willingness. Instill in me fortitude and wisdom, that I may be a steadfast bulwark against all deceits, advances, and temptations of disunity fashioned by the Adversary that seek to affect our unity and affections. Instill in me all that I desperately need, that I may love as I am called. For As Christ loved the Church, may I in turn love my own beloved until this gift of life that you have given me has come to the end that you have Willed.

Mary, Mother of God, Pray for us St. Joseph, Pray for us

St. Priscilla, Pray for us

St. Valentine, Pray for us

Sts. Louis and Zelie Martin, Pray for us

St. John Paul the Great, Pray for us

In all things may Your Will be done, and in all my ways may I imitate Your Heart. I ask all these things in the name of Jesus Christ, Your Son and Our Lord, who lives and reigns with you, forever and ever.


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