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Prayer: For Help to be a Good Husband

Lord God you have reminded us that in marriage husband and wife are to be two in one flesh, and we are continually admonished that in all things your bond of union is your law of love.

Teach me to be lovingly and closely united with my wife, as a husband should be.

Teach me to share with interest and concern any problems and vexations that she has.

Teach me to be a comfort and an aid to her at all times in her burdens and trials.

May I not be unreasonable in my demands but rather try to understand.

May I not be ready to affirm my own rights so much as to consider the feelings that are hers.

Teach me to be generous and in everything considerate of her welfare.

Let mine never be nagging or complaining words, but let me realize the value of frequent words of praise and admiration.

Let me not ask more of her than I am prepared to give, but rather in my position as head of the family let me show forth the strength that should be mine with greater generosity in giving.

When she is tired or weary, let me be a solace and help.

When she is discouraged, let me be encouragement and support

When she is worried, let me show the sympathy of love.

May I strive always and I everything that we may be one in you — in mind and heart and affection, according to your word.


Father’s Manual (p.12-14) by A. Francis Coomes, S.J. (1969)


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