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Our Writers

Austin Wright

Austin is a revert to the Catholic Faith and resides in the Diocese of Raleigh, NC. He is a father and a husband, & the founder of "Upon the Rock", and lives with vigorous love for apologetics.


Nikolai Brelinsky

Nikolai is a seminarian for the diocese of Allentown, PA. He is studying theology at Saint Charles Borromeo Seminary near Philadelphia and preparing for his lifelong vocation in the holy priesthood of the Catholic Church.


Brennen McCoy

Brennen has a Bachelor of the Arts degree from St. Charles Borromeo seminary near Philadelphia. He currently resides in central Virginia. He spends his time beekeeping and studying the history and theology of the church.

Lucas 2.jpg

Lucas Sipe

"I'm Lucas Sipe, graduate of Belmont Abbey College with a degree in History, and minors in Classics and English. I thoroughly enjoy writing and reading on the history of the Catholic Church. I'm recently married, and we have been blessed with a beautiful baby girl."

Blake Martin

Blake has a Bachelor of Science degree in Biochemistry from Hampden-Sydney College along with a passion for theology, philosophy, and Church history. It is to Blake credit is due for the blog's name.

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